Here are the documents for face mask exemptions. First two are to be sent to your GP. Third one is to the owners of a premises that you have been discriminated with refusing a service because of no face cover.  The fourth document is good to print and have few copies with you all the time and give it to the business owner or manager in a business premises that said first time to you that you have to have a face cover to use their service.

  1. Formal request for letter to reasonably excuse wearing a face mask in shops

  2. Formal request for letter to reasonably excuse wearing a face mask on public transport

  3. Template Face Covering Complaint Letter for Shops 296 of 2020

  4. Self Declaration Face Coverings (Severe Distress) SI 296 of 2020


They are all available on a website of:

Irish Council for Human Rights

And this document below is an example of what it will be like if any business premises will refuse you any service (I show it to the manager if they are not letting me in)

Show this to the manager of every shop that refuse you service because you have no face covering and tell them that they will get this kind of letter from the ICHR and will be sued if they continue to discriminate you. If they won’t listen than record everything on your mobile phone informing them about this and if they will try to use any force than they are in serious trouble. You than ask them to secure all CCTV monitoring with the incident on this date and time as it will be used as an evidence. You have 2 month time for reporting discrimination to ICHR from the time of incident that happen. The owner of the business will have for sure a huge fine for what happen to you. They can’t refuse service to you. If they are afraid of spreading anything by you – they can wear whatever they want or close their business. End of story! End to discrimination for not wearing a face mask in business premises in Ireland!

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