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Krzysztof Luszczki

Krzysztof Luszczki is a highly skilled Graphic Designer with over 20 years of experience. He excels in photography, videography, drone piloting, web design, and content management systems, consistently delivering high-quality designs within tight deadlines. He is a certified drone operator.

Passionate, creative, self-motivated, perfectionist, Krzysztof values positive critiques to enhance his work. He thrives both as an independent professional and as a team player, always interested in furthering his development.

Proficient in software such as Adobe Photoshop, Power Director, and Indesign. His extensive portfolio showcases his diverse skills and talent across videos and designs.

Fluent in Polish and English, Krzysztof effectively communicates in both spoken and written form. Beyond his professional pursuits, he remains up to date with new technologies, embracing nature-therapy and exploring supplements and herbs. In his leisure time, he enjoys travel, mountain biking, swimming, recreational rowing, and cherishes quality moments with his family.

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DRONE FILMING – I am very experienced using drones on set or on location. Working with various companies my footage has been shown on many social networks and TV stations in Ireland, Poland and the UK.

3D SPACE SCANNING – This is a new service we are expanding at the moment. What Is a 3D Virtual Tour? A 3D tours allow prospects to experience an interior walk-through tour of your business with their smartphone. This service we target especially to real estate agents.

DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY – Along with being a skilled drone pilot I know exactly how to get that professional shot. I use the most up to date equipment and post processing techniques to get you exactly what you need from the air. My photography client base ranges from commercial businesses, estate agents, building developers, events, tourism boards and large scale corporate companies.

DRONE INSPECTIONS – Drones have made the process of inspecting hard to reach places such as roofs, not only easier but also much safer, not to mention a lot more cost effective. I can perform a full building inspection for a fraction of the cost.

DRONE SURVEYING – I offer a wide range of drone survey services using my drone which are more affordable, vastly quicker and pose fewer health and safety risks. I specialise in construction and land surveys for property development.

STOCK FOOTAGE – License my extensive drone library for your projects. See available footage in constantly growing gallery.

I also offer Graphic Design services, Website design and Event Photography


Most of my work you can find on these websites:

Check out this incredible playlist featuring my vast portfolio of drone videos!  From breathtaking aerial shots to stunning footage, this playlist showcases the versatility and beauty of drone cinematography. Whether you’re a film enthusiast, nature lover, or simply appreciate mesmerizing visuals, you’ll find something to captivate your imagination. Dive into this collection and experience the world from a whole new perspective. Sit back, relax, and let the drone take you on a visual journey like never before. Don’t miss out on this spectacular showcase of my drone videography skills!

(hit play and you can browse videos through the playlist expandable on the top right corner of the video player or click link to watch it on YouTube)


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