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Krisoft Media

My services :

  • Drone Services

  • Drone cinematography (photos and videos)

  • Video editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Website design (Content Management Systems with all in one Search Engine Optimization)

  • Photography (products, events, studio, communion)

  • Live broadcasting services


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    DRONE SURVEYING I offer a wide range of drone survey services using my drone which are more affordable, vastly quicker and pose fewer health and safety risks. I specialize in construction and land surveys for property development.
    Being able to fly a drone doesn’t make you a drone photographer! I am highly skilled and professional photographer. Along with being skilled drone pilot I know exactly how to get that professional shot that is required by clients. I use the most up to date equipment and post processing techniques to get you exactly what you need from the air. My photography client base ranges from Commercial businesses, estate agents, building developers, events, tourism boards and large scale corporate companies. Why not get in contact with me today and let me show you what I can do.
    I am very experienced using drone on set or on location any needs. Working with various companies my footage has been shown on many social networks and TV stations in Ireland, Poland and UK.
    Drones have made the process of inspecting hard to reach places not only easier but also much safer, not to mention alot more cost effective. I have worked on numerous jobs in 2018-19 for companies that got quotes just for scaffolding in the tens of thousands where I can perform a full building inspection for a fraction of the cost. Using Drones for building inspections is extremely cost effective and safer as nobody needs to scale any heights. Call me if you need inspection of your roof etc.


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