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Limerick Drone Photography

My drone footage on permanent display in Limerick AnPost Depot on Dock Road

My Limerick drone aerial photos are for permanent display at AnPost Depot in Docklands, Limerick
Adding nice atmosphere inside and will catch your eye when you wait for your parcel or letter 
Brought to you by Krzysztof Piotr Luszczki from Krisoft Media with big thanks to Eamonn Andrews for printing and M.a. Jean Ryan Hakizimana for framing it. They also did it for free adding their contribution to my idea 
Let it stay there forever 
#LoveLimerick #Limerick #LimerickCityCitizens #krisoft #djispark
If anyone is interested to have this poster on their wall – It can be printed in any size you want. As a poster or framed print in wood frame or even printed on a canvas and framed.

They can be ordered at EYE Photo Studio or in private message to me and then ready for collection at EyE Studio (Master Jean Ryan Gallery at Liddy Street Limerick)
Price depend from print size. For example: poster size like the one in Limerick anPost depot costs €50
and framed poster with glass in that size – add €40
the canvas stretched will be €80, canvas print only €60.

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