Limerick new statue of Donal Mór O’Brien at St Mary’s Cathedral

Donal Mór O’Brien at St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick, Ireland by Will Fogarty :

I really enjoyed working on this. I have worked all over the country, but it was lovely to be working in my home city. Thanks to everyone who took time to give a wave through the railings or call in for a chat, your support and encouragement was amazing. Many thanks, Will Fogarty

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Domnall Mór Ua Briain, or Domnall Mór mac Toirrdelbaig Uí Briain, was King of Thomond in Ireland from 1168 to 1194 and a claimant to the title King of Munster. He was also styled King of Limerick, a title belonging to the O’Brien dynasty since Brian Boru’s annexation of the Norse city in the 10th century.

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